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Misconduct and Discipline in the Workplace:

  1. How to discipline an employee in the workplace;
  2. How to hold a disciplinary Hearing in the Workplace;
  3. When is it advisable to dismiss an employee for misconduct;
  4. What is misconduct by an employee;

Retrenchments in the Workplace:

  1. What is retrenchments?
  2. When to consider alternatives to retrenchment?
  3. When is retrenchment the best option?
  4. What is the process to be followed to retrench employees in the workplace;\

Poor work Performance in the workplace:

  1. What is Poor work performance;
  2. What is the difference between poor work performance and misconduct?
  3. What is Counselling;
  4. How to follow a Poor work performance process against an employee in the workplace?
  5. What is incompatibility?

CCMA and / or Bargaining Councils:

  1. What is the CCMA / Bargaining Council?
  2. What is Con/Arb?
  3. What Conciliation?
  4. What is Arbitration?
  5. What is a preliminary issue? Condonation? Rescission?