please insert full names and surname of the deponent
please ensure the id-number of the deponent is correct
By requesting and making payment for this Criminal Record Verification, you as user confirm that the Deponent, who's Criminal record is being verified, has given his consent, to be subjected to a criminal record verification check and that he / she has furthermore consented to his / her personal information being used in terms of this Criminal Record Verification. nor its partners / affiliates will hold any responsibility should the above consents not have been obtained / legally obtained form the Deponent in question.
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Complete the following form and pay the amount required to request the Criminal Record Verification Check to be done on the name and records of the Deponent.

Please note that by requesting same Criminal Record verification check, and all of its partners are indemnified from any claim against any party relating or flowing from this check.

You are required to confirm that you have the deponent’s consent to perform this check .